17 June 2015

Waiting on Wednesday (5): The Lies About Truth, The Distance From Me To You (IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly feature/meme created and hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spine. This features upcoming titles that I really really really look forward to.

HI!!! It's my thirteenth birthday, so I'm gonna wait for two books for a special WoW post! :) It's actually my fifth week doing this so it's like a mini milestone. I really took a long time trying to decide on what I'll wait for this week, and finally...

The Lies About Truth
Author: Courtney C. Stevens
Publisher: HarperTeen
To be published on November 3, 2015

Edelweiss Summary:
An affecting and heartfelt story from the gifted author of Faking Normal, Courtney C. Stevens, about the struggle to move forward in the face of tragedy.
Sadie Kingston is living in the aftermath. A year after surviving a car accident that killed her friend Trent and left her body and face scarred, she can’t move forward. The only person who seems to understand her is Trent’s brother, Max. 
As Sadie begins to fall for Max, she’s unsure if she is truly healed enough to be with him. But Max is able to look at her scars and not shy away. And Sadie realizes that she has to embrace the future to become whole again.
From author Courtney C. Stevens comes a story of hope and courage and the power to overcome the pain of loss.

The cover. Ohwow. Polaroid thing. Handwritten title. It's so beautiful! Really.

Poignant. I love stories described as poignant. I like it when I get emotional while reading. (There's like, no poignant in the summary, but I believe I saw it in the key points of this title)

Sadie. I've read (and heard of) books with emotionally scarred characters, but Sadie's like, emotionally and physically scarred.

Plus, the title intrigues me.

And of course, it's a romance novel. Favorite genre.

The Distance From Me To You
Author: Marina Gessner
Publisher: GP Putnam's Sons Books For Young Readers
To be published on October 20, 2015

Edelweiss Summary:

Wild meets Endless Love in this suspenseful story of love, survival, and self-discovery.
McKenna Berney has been accepted to college for the fall, but she has a different goal in mind: she defers her freshman year to hike the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia with her best friend. But when her friend backs out at the last minute, the five-month backpacking trip quickly turns into a dangerous solo. While on the trail, she meets Sam. Having skipped out on an abusive dad and quit school, Sam has found a brief respite on the trail, where everyone’s a drifter, at least temporarily. Despite lives headed in opposite directions, McKenna and Sam fall in love on a journey of dizzying highs and devastating lows. But when their punch-drunk love leads them off the trail into dangerous uncharted territory, McKenna has to persevere in a way she never thought possible to beat the odds or risk both their lives.

First of all, the cover. It's so simple, but it's so attractive for me. 

So... My old favorite genre was adventure with mystery. The Distance From Me To You covers both romance and adventure. Niiiice. Like, really. I also love survival stories (books or movies), but I haven't read one yet. Yet. So I'm excited for this one! :)

That's it for this week's Waiting on Wednesday! :) Are you excited for these too? What are you waiting for this week?

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