12 May 2015

Ten Authors I REALLY Want to Meet

TOP TEN TUESDAY is a feature hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

It's not just the book that I love, also the author behind its brilliance! 

I was searching The Broke and Bookish's future topics for Top Ten Tuesday when this topic caught my eye. Because to be honest, there were missed opportunities for me to meet the authors I want to and feel the glory: this author wrote such a brilliant thing. 

in no particular order:

1. Jenny Han- she's part of the Missed Opportunities list, so I want to be there, the next time she visits some place I can go to.

2. Kiera Cass- she has an upcoming book signing event on September and I HAVE to go there!

3. Pseudonymous Bosch- I LOOOOVE THE SECRET SERIES. He writes like he's talking to the reader, and I love it when authors do that. They seem to predict what's going on in my mind and most of the time, they're correct. And yeah, I'd love to meet Gilbert Ford too!

Me with V!!! :DDD 

4. Veronica Rossi- I met her once because of my sister, and I would love to see her again in person. By that time, I have to have finished the Under the Never Sky trilogy. I think she's friendly because I was just taking pictures and then she called me and shebam. Glory.

5. Jay Asher- Thirteen Reasons Why was the first about-suicide-book I read, and it changed me.

6. Jennifer Niven- All the Bright Places is the newest book in my mental Favorite Books list. I cried a lot, and my bookmark even got wet.

7. Kaye Dee- When a Kiss Falls was my favorite in Taking Chances, and I look forward to more of her YA romance stories.

8. Ransom Riggs- I still remember the picture of the creepy santa. I saw him in person once, but we didn't really interact or something, so I wouldn't call it meeting him.

9. Paige McKenzie- She's not a ghost, but I want to play Monopoly with her (or maybe checkers, since it's faster).

10. Jill Santopolo- I enjoy reading and rereading (or should I say: replaying) Summer Love, because up to now, I haven't encountered all the endings. And I can't be that organized! Writing something like choose-something/choose-your-own-path is hard, so muuuuch wow for her.

This is just ten, and every YA/MG author would be glorious to meet! :) (If only I had a mental masterlist of all their names and faces...)


  1. Kiera Cass is on my list of authors I just have to meet before I die too! I also feel like I have to meet Jenny Han, even though I haven't ready very many of her books, but To All the Boys I Loved Before was just so beautiful!

    Great list, Erin!

    Erin @ The Hardcover Lover


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