12 May 2015

Review + Giveaway: Buqo YA Bundle 3: Finding Fairytales

Organized by Oops! I Read Again Tours

We all want the happy ending, the dream come true. But what if it doesn’t happen? How far would you go to get that “ever after?” Would you change who you are? Would you swallow your pride? Is the story really going to be as perfect as you think? Follow the path of these characters and see where they lead.


The first story  that I read in this bundle was When Cocoy Became Kikay by CP Santi because the title really caught my eye.
Kikay. Filipino slang word for someone (female) who loves make-up, fashion, accessories and the likes. 
It was a quick read, and it never got me bored. After reading When Kokoy became Kikay, I ended up saying "Uy guys, ang ganda nung When Cocoy!" (Hey guys, When Cocoy is beautiful!)

Fall for Grace by Anne Plaza was actually longer than how I expected the short stories to be (but it can't really go as a novel so...) but it got me after reading the first chapter! I liked Grace and Jason's development throughout the story And... Violet and Grace's KPop love! ♥ 

Shoutout to Love in The Time of Viral Videos for being so unique! I've never read anything else like that before. The only thing that I didn't like about this is that this was more of reactions than the happenings.

I recommend this bundle to you guys, especially to those going through a big change. For this week, this bundle is available for only 0.99 USD (45 PHP)! Get it on  the Buqo store!

Buqo is giving away one powerbank to a lucky Philippine resident!

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