15 August 2015

Book Haul-ish? (2): *extremely thankful*

Book Haul-ish? is a weekly feature created and hosted by me and Bibliophile Soprano. We encourage bloggers to post about their hauls no matter how small or invisible it might be. Yay.

For those who want to participate:

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-Just talk about your book haul-ish, you can post pictures if you want :))
- You can include ebooks you purchased, digital review copies (DRCs), physical ARCs, books you purchased, finished copies, anything.
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The post after this shall be a review. :) I don't wan't this blog to be made of features.

August 8-14

ARC from Harper 360
(Thank you so much! <3 First book mail ever. SO GLORIOUS.)
It's About Love by Steven Camden

DRC from Edelweiss
What's Broken Between Us by Alexis Bass

My review for It's About Love is coming really soon! :)


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