3 July 2015

Define: Book Discrimination

For me, book discrimination is when you refuse to read a book because it’s not popular, self published, or it has negative reviews. Or you think it’s too mainstream. Simply judging books for some reason.

don’t think refusing to read a book simply because you have no time, you’re not in the mood for it or you’re not ready for the stuff in that age group is book discrimination. We’re not forcing you to read anything here. (Anyway, when you’re ready, you’ll read them, right? *wink wink*)

And book genre favoritism, for me, is not book discrimination. Because that’s what you enjoy. We respect that. Unless  you ONLY read books in that genre because others aren’t going to be nice. When you judge a genre when you haven’t read anything in that or you’ve read just a few. I mean, don’t generalize.

For me, judging a book by how entertaining its first parts are is also discrimination.

I don’t have DNFs on my blog yet (but in case, I won’t rate, I would just tell why it’s a DNF and maybe talk about it some more), because there’s something that makes me want to finish a boring read someday. Like, I don’t want to finish it but I want to finish it. Like someday, I’m gonna feel like it. And I think that that something is the feeling that maybe the nice part of this book is right after this chapter. Or the next. Or the next. So I continue. Then I finish it.

I’m actually guilty, because I’ve discriminated books in the past (I had a case of the covers, but now, it’s just like, extra points for the gorgeous cover). To be honest, I’m still working on it. I’m trying.

To stop book discrimination, I think people should just read. Like without this book is not famous/the cover isn’t attractive/etc. so I’m not gonna read it.

We have different preferences. You might like what they didn’t. It’s not bad to read popular books. But don’t limit your bookshelf only to popular books. We’re not just following the trend here. Give self-published authors and small publishers a chance. You might be missing out on a lot. 

So that's it! What do you think? :) Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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