24 May 2015

A Guide to a Grand Bookish Adventure

I know, the banner is super off-theme, but I really felt like that the blackboard theme was appropriate. 

A Guide to A Grand Bookish Adventure! Let me rephrase it: a guide to an epic reading experience/reading tips!

Think of faces that suit the characters. 

It's always easier to imagine with full production! It's actually more fun when you can imagine the things happening right? 

Now here's the nice thing about covers with real people in them. I instantly just use the model's face as the main character's face. 

And here's the [slightly] weird thing about names. I can't really explain it, so I'll just give an example. I actually used Divergent movie's Peter for To All the Boys I've Loved Before's Peter. Have you experienced this too?

Think of yourself as the main character! 

It's gonna be fun- especially when it's a romance novel and the main guy is one of your Book Boyfriends (or if you're a guy, the main girl is one of your Book Girlfriends!).

Avoid distractions.

Read somewhere quiet! But if you enjoy reading with music, it's okay. But try to avoid places with a TV on. Just imagine yourself reading an epic part of a book but the TV tells another story!

(Optional) Use page markers.

This is optional because this doesn't really make the experience epic-but with this, you can mark the wonderful parts and enjoy them anytime! (Now, that sentence sounds looks weird, doesn't it?)

I got the idea from my sister. We use sticky flags- the semi transparent ones. It's pretty important for me since I enjoy bookish quotes so much (I need to remember them!).

That's actually it! (I'm bad at wrapping up stuff, so...)

What do you think? Share your ways too! :D

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